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What do "I" want?

Have you ever been asked, 'What do YOU want?

When I was challenged with this question last year, I was at a loss.

What do "I" want?

I was very comfortable with "What 'should' I do/want?"

I had mastered answering that question throughout my life...

What would make my parents and family proud?

What would keep peace and harmony?

What would please/impress my friends?

What would keep me out of trouble?

What would make me look successful, competent, and accomplished?


But what do "I" want?

I never realized how daunting that question would be.

After weeks of uncomfortable introspection, things become clear.

Some of the answers surprised me.

Here is an example: Where do "I" want to live?

- I want a newish (low maintenance), clean, safe home with an outdoor space.

- I want to be able to go for a scenic walk without getting in my car.

- I want to be able to walk to a grocery store. As a bonus, I want to be able to walk to restaurants.

- I want to be close to an airport.

Today, every time I sit on my balcony taking in the view (the pic below is from my balcony), take a walk by the bay, walk to the Publix next door or arrive at the airport in 10 minutes, I recall this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson with a smile on my face.

"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


As we step into a reflective time of the year - where we set goals and intentions for a new year.

What if you sat with the question

What do "I" want?

- Not what society, or your parents, or your friends say you should or shouldn't want.

- Not what social media or ads say you deserve or need.

- Not what you think others would be impressed by.

But at your core, what do "You" want?

Explore every facet of your life - physical environment, finances, romance, friendship, health, professional growth, and personal growth.

Write it down, draw it out, create a collage.

Share it with others or just keep it to yourself.

Once you are clear and decide that this is what you want. Watch in awe as the universe conspires to make it happen.

(Note to self: Decide carefully)

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