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Rock it With Just Three

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

"The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule but to schedule your priorities." - Stephen Covey

💥​ The past 10 days the universe has been sending me this lesson in many different ways...💥​

Before I share the wisdom I gained,

🙏 My apologies to the #executives I have coached and challenged to #prioritize#choose#focus

🫣​ I realize how difficult it is especially when all the ideas are so energizing and hold so much potential.

Here's my story...👇​

After 1 year of burnout, my imagination is currently on overdrive.

I have so many things I want to do that are exciting and I believe, valuable - but they are ALL big rocks!

And I know in order to do it well, I need to prioritize, choose, focus.

💫​ I asked some of my coach colleagues to help me - #powerfulquestions followed...

What if you did only one? What would it be?

What is lost if you did not do ALL of them?

What is lost if you did do ALL of them?

What would it feel like to just choose 3?

💫​ And then there was the Sam Harris podcast that talked about the often touted lesson of the jar and the rocks.

Put the big rocks in first...

Then the pebbles...

Then the sand...

But then Sam Harris said the thing I was battling with:

😳​ "What if there are too many big rocks and not all fit into the jar?

🫡​ I decided to reflect on this by visualizing my big rocks with rocks I decorated (see picture)

🤩​ I found a beautiful wooden tray that fit a bunch.

😍​ I fit in 8 big rocks!

🤓 The ones that did not fit, I was fine setting aside. I would pick them up after some of the rocks in the tray were complete.

🥳​ I felt accomplished and satisfied.

I showed my rock tray to my daughter Ariana Leon

She said,

"Your rocks look so pretty.

But you can only have 3 big rocks at a time.

You know you can't just increase the size of the container

so you don't have to choose!"

🤯​ (who is the real coach here?)

💫​ So I found another container that fit just THREE

💫​ And another that fit just ONE

💫​ I will convert the other rocks into pebbles and sand for now and pick them up as the BIG rocks when they need to be brought into full focus and scheduled.

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