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People, People, What Do You See?

Updated: Feb 24

This #freakyfriday post is inspired by my visit to the Dali Museum in St. Pete Florida with my friend Colleen Esposito.

I have never been a big fan of museums. I always thought of them as a house for static relics of the past. While I appreciate the works of artists and inventors, the stories of history, and the significance of moments in time - I am much more inspired by looking into the future than the past. It was not until yesterday that a museum became for me, a 'seat of the muses' that it is intended to be.

🤔​ I was captivated by the wild and brilliant unconscious mind of Salvador Dali.

🤫​ I realized I could spend hours looking at the surreal paintings and sculptures of his simple yet complex scenes. With each blink, each sideways glance, and each step forward, backward, and sideways, I saw something new and fresh.

🫡​ I realized to appreciate an something fully, it takes time, curiosity, and a shift in focus and perspective.

😳​ It led me to thinking about the last two and half years of the simple yet complex shared experience of living in pandemic times - and the myriads of other aspects of life it exposed. We all got a chance to look at life in a new way and had the time and opportunity for a different focus and new perspectives.😳

💬 So what new things did YOU see?

💬 What new things did it inspire for YOU?

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