"Yes and..."ing John Kotter's 8 Steps to Lead Change

The wisdom of the "Yes, and...". I have found the concept of "Yes and..." that I learned from #improv to be a great collaboration booster and is one of the favorite #ideation activities in my #Design Thinking and #Agile workshop.

How does it work?

When someone proposes and idea, you can expand on the idea in a positive and agreeable way by following it with "Yes, and...<your idea>".

The "Yes" is acceptance of the contribution of the other person(s). It creates a vibe of positivity and agreeableness, making the other person more receptive to what you have to add. It creates the space for the idea to expand. The "and..." is new information that builds on or adds to the original idea.

Here is my attempt at "Yes and..."ing the popular John Kotter's 8 Steps for Leading Change based on what I have learned about leading change applying the Principles of Agile Leadership.

1. Create a sense of urgency. Yes, and help everyone connect to how they can meaningfully contribute.

2.    Build a guiding Coalition. Yes, and invest in their learning and growth.

3.    Form a strategic Vision. Yes, and cascade that vision to every level of your organization.

4.    Enlist a Volunteer Army. Yes, and invite everyone in your organization to enlist.

5.    Remove Barriers. Yes, and regularly check-in to make 'it' is not YOU.

6.    Generate Short Term Wins. Yes, and celebrate them visibly and loudly.

7.    Sustain Acceleration. Yes, and maintain a sustainable pace.

8.    Institute Change. Yes, and be patient with the forever journey that it is.

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