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A Story of Enoughness

After my experience with TheWeek, I have been excited about how we can work towards a better story for our future...

💦 One that shifts our measure of success from growth to #balance.

💦 One that shifts our means from extractive to #regenerative.

💦 One that shifts our intention from me to #we.

💦 One that values #self-worth, #intentionality and #sustainability.

💦 One that supports better outcomes and collective wellbeing.

🌱 A story of #enoughness!

🤗 Maryse Meinen's fantastic presentation at the @agilists4sustainability meetup reminded me of Kate Raworth's work - The Doughnut Economics Model that frames and shapes this better story in a way that allows us to design meaningful action.

Raworth applies the guiding principles of regeneration as a template for a new economic model.

💎 Her model is made up of 2 concentric rings - each representing two boundaries - a social foundation (representing life's essentials) and ecological ceiling (representing planetary boundaries to support earth's life-supporting systems).

💎 Between the two sets of boundaries lies a doughnut-shaped space that is both ecologically safe and socially just; a space in which humanity (all life) can thrive.

💎 Drawing from diverse schools of economic thought - it sets out seven ways to think like a 21st century economist.

Kate Raworth says in the closing of her viral TED talk

▶ "The doughnut's boundaries unleash the potential for humanity to thrive with boundless creativity, participation, belonging and meaning."

and invites us to be part of this new mindset.

▶ "It's going to take all the ingenuity we've got to get there. So bring it on."

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