Principles of Agile Leadership

Updated: Jun 18

Agile Leadership is about leading others through choppy waters, about being the captain for a crew navigating the dense fog of uncertainty.

Inspired by a healthy discussion on the Principles of Agile Leadership by Karim Harbott, I decided to capture and share my own working list.

This is what I have learned so far about Agile Leadership. I try to live by these principles. I coach leaders on these principles.

1.Be comfortable with uncertainty

2.Use your leadership to create more courageous leaders at all levels

3.Delegate don't abdicate

4.Recognize when to step in and when to step out and up

5.Remove obstacles in the way of people doing the right thing

6.Treat everything as an experiment

7.Be transparent. Then listen, observe, invite and ask

8.Draw on collective intelligence

9.Make decisions that optimize the whole not maximize the few

10.Fly with both wings - you need both your masculine & feminine capacities

11.Be flexible except with your principles

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