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Choosing Enough: From More to Meaning

Updated: Apr 23

In our society, a prevailing narrative insists that "more" is inherently better—more wealth, more possessions, more accolades. This story, deeply embedded in our culture, from high-powered boardrooms to everyday family life, suggests that happiness stems from perpetual accumulation. But what if there's a better story to be told?

Let me share my journey of discovering an alternative narrative: enoughness.

Ten years ago, I launched my consulting practice, not for the potential financial windfall, but to pursue my passion for Agile consulting. I relished teaching, mentoring, and helping people find better ways of working. Accepting a lower income than what my engineering career could offer was a trade-off I was willing to make to do work that mattered to me.

Unexpectedly, my business flourished beyond my expectations. I found myself caught up in the thrill of surpassing my financial targets year after year. What started as a lifestyle business quickly morphed into a busy-ness lifestyle, with the story of "more" taking center stage once again.

Then came 2020, and the global pause brought on by COVID-19 forced me to reevaluate. In that year of collective upheaval, through a mix of regular client work, some timely co-leading opportunities, and the government's PPP loan, I earned just enough to cover our family's living expenses. Despite earning much less, I found time to read, cook, dream, and just be. This experience was a turning point, leading me to a profound realization about the value of enoughness.

This epiphany led to a new possibility: what if, instead of striving for maximum profit—accepting work that was a 'slow yes'—I aimed for sufficient earnings with 'yes' work that supports my lifestyle, while making room for the 'hell yes' work that I had been yearning to do? This approach not only ensures my financial security but also allows me substantial time to engage in pro bono projects that truly feed my soul, such as hosting TheWeek, facilitating HeartStorming sessions, and co-leading the HitRefresh community.

This balanced approach allows me to contribute meaningfully to both my bank account and my community. It affirms that fulfillment doesn't come from the endless pursuit of more but from meaningful engagement in work that aligns with my values and passions.

By sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to consider if they too might find greater satisfaction in the story of enoughness—a narrative that values depth and fulfillment over sheer accumulation. To me, that is a far better story!

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