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How are you creative?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

How many times have you answered the question "Are you creative?" with, "I am not the creative type." or "I don't have a creative bone in me." or "I wish I was creative."? At some point creativity started being romanticized as the elusive thing reserved only for the artists and the musicians, the actors and the comedians, and had no place in the life of an analytical engineer or the pragmatic strategist.

But there was a time we were all creative. Recall your kindergarten years when your days were filled with imaginative play stimulated with color and shapes, building blocks, models, costumes. What happened, how did it disappear from our adult lives? or has it?

Perhaps it is time to stop asking the questions "Are you creative?" Or "When were you most creative?" and start asking "How are you creative?"

Think of the last time you were in Flow state. When you were doing something that you were enjoying so much you lost track of time and left you more energized than when you started. What were you doing? What were you engaged in that allowed you to be a source(a creator) of energy?

  • Were you immersed in new and original ideas?

  • Were you coming up with a strategy of how to get something done?

  • Were you engaged in solving a problem?

  • Were you looking for ways to improve something?

  • Were you pulling all the pieces together?

You may have just discovered how you are creative!

Want to dig deeper on how you are creative, ask me about the GCIndex.

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