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Flipping the Script of a Traditional Leader

💫​ The traditional leadership script is no longer achieving the desired outcomes. Knowledge and creative workers are done taking orders. They want greater autonomy, meaningful work, and meaningful relationships. The recent great resignation, reclamation, and reshuffle and an indicator of that.

What would it look like to flip the script of a traditional leader?

👇 These three inquiry questions that came up during recent coaching sessions do just that!

1️⃣ What can I offer that can help them tap into their natural creativity and resourcefulness?

One of the co-active coach

ing cornerstones is that our clients are creative, resourceful, and whole. This belief shifts our stance as coaches from rescuers to revealers - empowering the client to learn to get unstuck on their own.

🫵​ Traditional leaders take charge and offer solutions.

🫶​ Real leaders help teams tap into their natural creativity and resourcefulness by offering context, feedback, air-cover, safety etc.

2️⃣ What can I do to take the pressure off them?

We all recognize what stress and anxiety can do to our creativity, resourcefulness, and productivity.

🫵​ Traditional leaders create a sense of urgency by applying pressure in high-stakes situations.

🫶​ Real leaders take the pressure off the team and free them to use their energy to tap into their creativity and resourcefulness to address the high-stakes situation.

3️⃣​ How can I make it safe for them to make the decision on their own, even if it might be 'wrong'?

Experience tells us that we can learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. The more opportunities the team has to experience success and failure safely, the more creative, resourceful, and accountable they become. The more opportunities a leader has to experience a team's success or failure the more trust they develop in the team and the more creative and resourceful they become in answering the first two questions.

🫵​ Traditional leaders make it clear that failure is not an option.

🫶​ Real leaders find opportunities to step back and let the team make the decision on their own, even if it might be 'wrong'.

Are you ready to flip the script?

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