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A Systems Thinking Approach to Values and Outcomes

Updated: Jan 21, 2021


eading Loopy:

  1. Each node represents a value or an outcome

    1. Values are in Blue

    2. Outcomes are in Purple

  2. Each line represents the relationship between the nodes

    1. The direction arrow represents the cause - effect relationship

    2. A + represents an increasing influence, a - represents a decreasing influence

To use Loopy, Click Remix

How to use Loopy for sense making

  1. How are you currently doing on each of these?

    1. Click on the node and select the circle size of the current level satisfaction of this value or outcome

    2. Capture the values and outcomes that are not listed

  2. What outcomes would you like for your organization?

    1. Pick the top 5 outcomes for your organization. Change their color to Green

  3. What are the relationship between these?

    1. Review the relationships and have a conversation.

    2. Change the relationships based on consensus or consent

  4. What is the cause effect / relationship?

    1. Click on the up-arrow of a value or an outcome, see the affect it has on the other items

    2. Click on the down arrow of a value or an outcome, see that affect it has on the other items

    3. Reset to start a new loop

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