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Agile Toronto Meetup
Six Stances of Product Leadership​

Nov 16, 2022

6:00pm - 7:00pm EST

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Scrum Masters of the Universe Meetup
Building Resilience: Habits to Avert Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

Nov 18, 2022

12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

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Business Conference

Six Stances of Product Leadership
Collaboration with Nadezhda Belousova


Presented at:

Agile India 2022, Virtual

Agile 2022, Nashville - July 2022

WoCo - Tech Hub South Florida 2021

South Florida WiA 2022

Agile Kansas City

Private Corporate Talks

Liquid Drop

What is your Game-Changing Impact?


Presented at:

WoCo - Tech Hub South Florida 2021

South Florida WiA 2022

Eagle Flying

Flying with Both Wings: Tap into your Masculine and Feminine Leadership


Presented at:

Tampa Bay WiA 2020

Businessman Thinking

Delivery through Retrospection for Improvement
Collaboration with April Jefferson


Presented at:

Craft, Budapest - June 2022

Travel by train

Build the Right Thing with a Formalized Discovery Process
Collaboration with Stephanie Allen

Presented at:

Lean Agile US 2020

Agile India 2020

Agile 2019

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Group Flow: Unlock the Secret to your team's Creativity, Peak Performance and Happiness

Presented at:

PM / BA Global Virtual 2020

Lean Agile US 2019

Lean Agile DC 2018

Happy Portrait

Building Resilience

Habits for combatting uncertainty, stress, and adversity


Presented at:

ProDevDays 2022 - PMI Event - Sept 2022

South Florida Women in Agile - July 2022

Professional Woman

Careers in the Age of Accelerations


Presented at:

Agile + DevOps 2020

Agile India 2020

Mile High Agile 2019



Great way of explaining story mapping! The exercise was awesome! I will attend any other of her conferences. 


Anjali did the most outstanding job I've seem by a speaker in quite a while.  Her talk was touching, special and insightful.  I left feeling great.


Date at a cafe

Thank you again for participating in the panel discussion.  I learned a lot from you during the process.  I  loved your thoughts and insights and helpful suggestions.


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