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Anjali Leon

Founding Principal

Collaboration Strategist, Facilitator, and Coach

Professional Leadership Coach

Sustainability Advocate

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Hello, I'm Anjali.

As a Collaboration Strategist, Coach, and Facilitator, Professional Leadership Coach, and staunch advocate for sustainability, I am driven to activate and support ECO-vitalized people and organizations that create value by nurturing and being nurtured by their ecosystem.

I began my career with 15 years as a technology and product leader, playing a pivotal role in evolving a startup consultancy into an award-winning product company. Over the next decade, as a solopreneur coach and trainer, I strategically empowered dozens of organizations to integrate agility and product thinking into their operational strategies.

​✨ My two core principles:
1. Strategic Connectedness: Facilitating the convergence of individuals​ with complementary skills and competing interests, enabling them to discover their interconnectedness and collectively contribute to a unified mission.
2. Belief in Human Potential: Inspiring people to unlock their inherent potential, serving as catalysts for boundless creativity and better-ness.

🌐 In the face of AI and an increasingly complex and ever-evolving eco and business landscape, our human skills to collectively and creatively address wicked problems are paramount. Recognizing this, I am committed to broadening the reach and deepening the impact of these core principles with strategic intent and purpose.

🌟 As a Collaboration Strategist, I enable leaders and teams to unlock their potential for value creation by transforming creative thinking and complex problem-solving into collaborative organizational capabilities. My solutions creatively engage multi-disciplinary experts and diverse perspectives to address complex problems collaboratively, driven by curiosity, confidence, and motivation.

My ideal client is a small to medium-sized companies poised to innovate and thrive by creating value that supports social and ecological well-being.

🌿 As a Leadership Coach, my ECO coaching model helps leaders thrive by managing their Energy, not time, fostering Connectedness, not self-preservation, and designing for Optimum well-being, not busyness.

My ideal leadership clients are Individuals ready to lead themselves and their organizations with creativity and inspiration.

🌱 As a Sustainability Advocate, I prioritize social and ecological well-being over relentless growth and overconsumption. 

I believe a sustainable planet starts with sustainable people. So, I co-founded HitRefresh, a workplace resilience community, and host HeartStorming, a sharing and listening activity, where we prioritize hearts. Additionally, I facilitate the eco-awareness program, theWeek.

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PPL  Collaborators


April Jefferson

Coach, Facilitator & Consultant

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Open Space & Virtual Space Curation
Design Thinking
Kanban & Flow
Agile through Play

Creative Flow


Anna Urbaniak

Change Leader, Consultant & Coach

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Business Consultant
Change Leader
Transformation Coach



Nadezhda Belousova

Strategic Advisor, Enterprise Business Agility Consultant

Evolneo GmbH

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Business Agility
Executive  & Integral Coaching
Product Leadership

Product Leadership Stances™

Lakshmi Ramaseshan.jpeg

Lakshmi Ramaseshan

Enterprise Agility Coach


HitRefresh Co-Founder

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Empowering People
Creating Experiences
Fuelng Growth



PPL Coach is a member organization of ICAgile (International Consortium of Agile). Anjali Leon is an accredited ICAgile instructor for the Agile Agile Product Ownership class.

ICAgile is a leading global agile accreditation and certification body, that supports organizations on their ongoing journey by providing learning programs that build the capabilities necessary for business agility. 


Anjali Leon is an accredited GCologist and uses the power of the GC Index to help organizations create inclusive environments where everyone understands how they and others can make a positive and valued contribution individually and collectively to a role, team or organization.

PPL Coach is a GC Partner that provides people-focused solutions, consulting, or services to the global business community and has incorporated The GC Index® into our own service offerings using the unique insight on impact to deliver better outcomes. 


PPL Coach partners with Lean Agile Intelligence to drive organic and systemic improvements, and accelerate transformational outcomes through the power of Lean Agile Intelligence assessments.

Lean Agile Intelligence is a Modern-Day Assessment Platform enabling change agents to tailor assessment templates to their context.

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