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Harnessing Potential for Creativity and Better-ness

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The rules of the game

have certainly changed, haven't they?


With the accelerating rate of change in technology from generative AI to the speed of information, and global sociopolitical issues like climate destabilization, social and political unrest, diminishing trust in our institutions, and widening polarizations, it is no wonder that our organizations are faced with an over-stressed, burned-out, and change-fatigued workforce, and strategies that no longer work for everyone.

How are YOU navigating this complexity?

An increasingly RUPT (Rapid, Unpredictable, Paradoxical, and Tangled), and eco- and well-being challenged (business) world demands that we reimagine our expectations and redirect our creative potential towards better-ness ... now!

I believe that to adapt, innovate, and thrive in a continually evolving business environment the meaning of 'winning' must be broadly and purposefully redefined as:

Better Outcomes and Collective Wellbeing


At PPL Coach, we help you respond to this challenge,

by helping you

activate the creativity, intrapreneurial thinking and collective intelligence of your people.



Are you ready to harness your organization's potential for creativity and better-ness?


What We Do

Training Workshops

Strategy Design & Expert Facilitation

1:1 Pick-My-Brain Advisory


Collaborative Leadership

Which include



Product (Intrapreneurial) Thinking

We use a custom framework to make product thinking an organizational capability.


Through hands-on learning workshops, strategy consulting, multi-disciplinary product-led and domain-driven workshops, we help you envision, discover, ideate, design, implement, validate and communicate emergent solutions and meaningful outcomes in a fast-moving business and technology landscape. 


Creative Collaboration

We understand people as sources of unbounded creativity and resourcefulness.


Though our signature workshops we help transform multi-disciplinary experts into creative collaborators motivated to engage and co-create with with genuine curiosity, greater confidence, and deeper motivation.

Our bespoke workshops synchronize business, product and technology from vision and strategy to tactics.

About Us

PPL Coach is a boutique collaborative leadership consultancy specializing in Product (intrapreneurial)Thinking and Creative Collaboration.  We offer product, process and team design strategy consulting, experiential workshops, expert facilitation and role based leadership coaching.

We work with startups and scaleups to harness the individual and collective potential of

their people to collaboratively and creatively solve complex problems. We have expertise in the domains of Product Management, Flow, Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, and Software Engineering and the disciplines of Professional Coaching, Facilitation, Training, and Mentoring. 


PPL coach's thought leadership includes several future focused models , including PPL Agility and Resilience Navigator™. that help individuals and organizations navigate the powerful cultural and leadership shifts occurring in business and society today. 

Accreditations & Partnerships

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