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Awakening new possibilities... helping people develop the power skills and capacities for the modern world of work asking better questions that connect people to people, planet, and purpose


The rules of the game

have certainly changed, haven't they?


With changing business and employee engagement models, supply chain woes, the great resignation or great reclamation, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, burnout from a global pandemic, global unrest, and climate destabilization,

How are YOU navigating this dense fog of uncertainty?

An increasingly RUPT (Rapid, Unpredictable, Paradoxical and Tangled) and eco-challenged world demands that we reset our expectations and ask much better questions... now!

Let us help you ask the better questions, and reimagine and restore a better balance of agility, resilience, sustainability, and well-being.

Adapt, innovate, and thrive in a continually evolving business environment where the meaning of 'winning' needs to be broadly and purposefully redefined as:

Better Outcomes and Collective Wellbeing

Making Product Leadership Choices
Agilists4Planet 2023
Stances of Product Leadership


What We Do

Professional Leadership and Team Coaching

Training and Workshops

Corporate Solutions

In the areas of

Adaptive, Value-Driven and Values-Based




Collaboration Coaching ~ Learning and Connection through Play ~ 

Power Skills Training ~ WellBeing Strategies

Build your organization's capacity for inspired, humanistic and values-based people leadership to attract, develop, inspire and sustain powerful teams and a future-proof workforce that supports a Win-6™ culture.


Product Leadership

Collaborative Discovery Framework  ~ Product Leadership Stances™ ~

Win-6™ Stakeholder Value

Build your organization's capacity for ethical 'Product Thinking' to discover, design, develop and deliver valuable, impactful, sustainable, and holistic outcomes.


Personal Leadership

1:1 Leadership Coaching & Mentoring ~

Sparring Partner ~

 Awakening Possibilities Coaching Program™~

Flying with Both Wings™

Discover your purpose, reclaim your true essence, and realize your game-changing impact and potential.

About Us

PPL Coach is a boutique coaching, training and consulting practice that offers experiential skills and capacity development workshops and programsinnovative consulting solutions, and professional leadership coaching in the areas of Product, People and Personal Leadership.  


We specialize in using Design Thinking, Lean and Agile principles and practices, Learning through Play, and the co-active coaching model to ignite curiosity, create connectionfacilitate co-creation, leverage wisdom networks, embrace 'eco-vitalized being' and optimize well being.  


We help individuals and organizations create value for all their stakeholders with a win-6™ strategy and an adaptivevalue-driven and values-based approach.


PPL coach uses two unique and future proof models—the PPL Agility and Resilience Navigator™ and The Product Leadership Stances™ to help individuals and organizations thrive by understanding and learning how to navigate the powerful cultural and leadership shifts occurring in business and society today.

Professional Accreditations & Partnerships

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