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Meet Anjali


Hi. My name is Anjali and my deepest joy comes from helping individuals, teams, and organizations unleash and realize their significance and potential and thereby play a bigger game.


As the founder of PPL Coach, you should know a little bit about me.   I hope by knowing who I am as a human being, what I stand for, and what I am motivated to bring forth in the world, you can decide if PPL Coach is the right coaching, education, and advisory partner to help you play YOUR bigger game.

 My 10 Guiding Principles 


My purpose is to be a catalyst for purposeful professional leadership and I am guided by a firm set of principles.

 I believe that when you reclaim the essence of who you truly are, tap into your natural strengths and capacities, and unleash the creative power of your innate ingenuity,  you participate more fully in the collective and manifest more purposeful outcomes.

My commitment is to help you discover YOUR unique set of values and principles to guide your decisions and help you navigate and lead with broader confidence and bolder purpose.


In our quest for constant progress and growth, we have designed organizations and societies that have suppressed part of our natural human capacities - those that are commonly associated with feminine leadership: empathy, intuition, creativity, nurturing, vulnerability, harmony, adaptability, vitality etc.  With disproportionate attention to our masculine capacities, it feels as if we are flying with one wing tucked away.  Perhaps it is no wonder that in our current fog of uncertainty we seem to be flying around in circles, making little genuine progress toward more desirable outcomes and futures.

My commitment is to help YOU reclaim your full capacities to restore a better balance and create better outcomes for yourself and for your organization.

Flying with Both Wings.png

Recently, I have been sensing that our world is out of balance. 

 Leading with 'Grace Under Pressure' 


The COVID-19 pandemic has immersed us all in a difficult shared reality - uncertainty, complexity, and imbalance is staring us right in the face. Perhaps it is the much needed 'purposeful pause' for something new and better to emerge?


I believe our current times present an opportunity for us to re-imagine a better future.  One where we humbly recognize that we are only a small part of a larger complex ecosystem.  One in which we get to reframe the narrative and redefine success as a more sustainable future of health and well-being for all. One in which we show up with grit and grace and learn to lead differently.  I believe that the new value proposition for businesses is as a force for good. 


My commitment is to help YOU 'Up-Grace™' your leadership stance and draw out your innate leadership wisdom that applies both your masculine and feminine power to discover and co-create outcomes that build agility, resilience, and sustainability for you, your organizations, and your communities - and to better serve the well-being of all your organization's valued stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, community, environment, and shareholders. I call this leading with a Win-6™ attitude while Flying With Both Wings™.

My mission is to awaken new possibilities  by helping people develop the skills and capacities for the changing world of work, and  by asking better questions that connect people to people, planet, and purpose.

Find out how you can engage me as your coach or consulting partner.

How I Work


My coaching, training and consulting practice specializes in using a blend of Design Thinking,  Lean and Agile principles and practices, Polarities, and the Co-active Coaching Model that ignite curiosity, create connection, facilitate co-creation, leverage wisdom networks, and embrace 'eco-vitalized being' to help you create valuable, innovative and purposeful solutions for all your stakeholders with a broader and bolder win-6™ attitude.

Often working with creative collaborators, I co-created and use a unique and comprehensive model—the PPL Agility and Resilience Navigator™  and the Product Leadership Stances™ to help individuals and organizations thrive by understanding and learning how to navigate the powerful cultural shifts, uncertainty, and, rapid pace of change occurring in business and society today.


My strength and success as an Agile Leader and Catalyst for Change began with a rigorous technical foundation in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Summa Cum Laude, Drexel University). Since then, my passion and curiosity about people, processes, and organizations have grown and expanded broadly through extensive product and project management roles, training, certifications, and diverse consulting experiences ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

I am an international speaker and an active Agile Community leader and organizer.  I founded Empowering South Florida Women in Agile, the oldest active Women In Agile group in the world, served on the program team for the Women in Agile - Seeding Local Communities initiative, the leadership team of Agile Open Florida, and chaired the Agile Track for ITPalooza. I currently serve on the advisory board for

I am currently experimenting with an Internship program, "Hit Refresh" - a weekly online well-being program, and a Awakening Possibilities Group Coaching Cohort to make agility, resilience, and sustainability accessible to as many people as possible. 

When not immersed in something ‘Agile related,’ I enjoy traveling with my husband and daughter, cooking multi-cultural cuisine, and practicing yoga and meditation.

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