Value-Driven Product Ownership

Managing and Championing Value Delivery

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August 9 - 13, 2021

5 x 3-hour sessions


2:00pm - 5:00pm ET

11:00am - 2:00pm PT

6:00pm - 9:00pm GMT

'Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.'

- Principle #1 of the Agile Manifesto

Product Ownership - the art of managing and championing value delivery


Responding to a fast-changing business world requires a value-driven, iterative, and adaptive approach to championing and managing the delivery of value. This engaging experiential virtual program takes the learner through the process of eliciting requirements aligned to the product vision and capturing and managing a backlog for the early and continuous delivery of valuable out.  Participants will learn the mindset, skills and techniques to navigate delivering complex products by taking a value-driven, customer-centric, and collaborative approach.


Learning outcomes include gaining confidence in techniques and practices like Personas, Product Vision, Story Mapping, MVP (or MLP) identification, Prioritization Models, Progressive Elaboration, User Stories, Relative Estimation, Story Slicing, Acceptance Criteria and more through a real-life simulation over 5 x 3-hour virtual sessions.  


Participants who complete this certification through this program will gain an excellent foundation as champions of value and leaders of value-driven and adaptive solution delivery.Responding to a fast changing world requires a value driven, iterative, and adaptive approach to planning and managing the delivery of value.   

As a result of this program, you will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the role and mindset of Product Owner as value champion

  2. Recognize and apply the skills and behaviors of great Product Ownership

  3. Create alignment through effective storytelling of the vision, context and strategy for value delivery 

  4. Apply vision boards, personas and story maps to tell the story of the product and user

  5. Hold the value context while facilitating continuous discovery and shared understanding

  6. Capture vertical slices of customer value through epics and user stories

  7. Use techniques of progressive elaboration: story slicing, acceptance criteria, estimation and visual modeling

  8. Engage and manage stakeholders through effective communication, prioritization and feedback loops

  9. Leverage Agile for early realization of value through frequent delivery and short feedback loops

What Can You Expect?


This program is delivered using an Agile approach.  With a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work, small bursts of value are delivered over 5 3-hour facilitator-led virtual sessions.  

The hands-on experiential nature of this workshop has participants working in teams to simulate the elicitation, communication, and planning of user needs for early and continuous value delivery.  Participants will practice using popular and effective Agile tools and techniques including Personas, Product Vision, User Story Mapping, MVP (or MLP) identification, Release / Increment Planning, User Story Writing, Relative Estimation Techniques, Story Slicing, Acceptance Criteria and more.  

All virtual workshops include:

  • Hands-on and interactive activities

  • Live collaborative discussions

  • Use of the latest remote and collaborative tools and technology

Participants should plan to invest ~ 1 hour between sessions on asynchronous reading and learning activities​.


  • 1:1 Product Ownership Coaching / Mentoring Sessions

  • Game Changer Index Profile - Discover if you have the proclivities to make a game changing impact and contribution as a Product Owner

Program Sessions

Session 1:  Understanding Great Product Ownership

  • Product Owner as Value Champion

  • Product Mindset vs. Project Mindset

  • 6 Stances of Product Ownership

  • Product Ownership Models

Session 2:  Leading Initial Discovery

  • Product Vision

  • Product Context

  • Alignment Conversations & Artifacts

  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

Session 3:  Co-creating the Solution

  • User Personas

  • User Story Mapping

  • Estimation & Prioritization

  • MVP & Roadmaps

Session 4:  Managing the Backlog

  • Slicing value: Epics, Features, Stories

  • Prioritizing for Value

  • Progressive elaboration of User Stories

  • Facilitating effective Backlog Refinement

Session 5:  Championing Value Delivery

  • Value Delivery Strategies

  • Forecasting

  • Making tough decisions, managing risks and long-lived artifacts

  • Inspecting and Adapting through feedback loops

Successful completion will earn you:

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Up to

14 SEUs

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14 PDUs



Anjali Leon

Agility Coach, Educator and Facilitator


Career Highlights:​

  • Specializes in Product Leadership with Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Principles & Practices.

  • Educator and Master Workshop Facilitator.

  • 1:1 Co-active trained Purposeful Professional Leadership Coach.

  • GC-ologist & GC Index Partner and Leadership Agility 360 Coach.

  • Former Director of Product Development, Sr. Software Engineer

  • Founder and co-leader of South Florida Women In Agile.

  • International Speaker and Community Builder.

  • Clients include:  Office Depot, Modernizing Medicine, Alpine ITW, Pearson, UVA among others.

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What are people saying?

Thank you for reinforcing value driven thinking in a way where I can teach and lead others in my organization.

Erin S., Product Manager, Modernizing Medicine.

What I found particularly useful about the workshop was traveling through the activities of product ownership as a framework for the workshop.  The simulation helped me retain the knowledge and identify steps I am not currently taking.

Amanda M, Product Manager, Citrix.

Anjali did a great job with the format and engaging participants.  These workshops can be dry, however her approach is refreshing and held our interests for the duration.

Tara N, Product Manager, Pearson.

Ready to Take Action?

Is this Workshop for You?


If you are responsible for maximizing value delivery for your organization, this is perfect for you.

Recommended for but not limited to:

Product Owners

Business / Functional / Systems Analysts

Coaches & Scrum Masters who support Product Owners

Project Managers

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Building Community and Giving Back:

Be a part of building community!  PPL is committed to giving back to the South Florida community.  

For a public training offered by PPL, we reserve some free and discounted spots.   If you are a person in transition or a full-time student interested in this class, or you work for a non-profit organization, contact Anjali at aleon@ppl-coach.com and learn how you can reserve one of these spots.

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