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Design Thinking and Agile Workshop

In today's fast changing world where we are called to solve increasingly complex problems, the powerful combination of Design Thinking and Agile can be the game changer in every Agilist's toolbox.

Design Thinking is not just for Design just as Agile is not just for Software Development. They are the frameworks of our time. Design Thinking is a simple framework and mindset for creative problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking and Agile is an iterative and incremental approach to deliver solutions to complex problems. Combine the two and you have a powerful toolkit to navigate the future of human work! Together, they offer the much needed language, practices and mindset to navigate our increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world - and boy do we need it right now!

Why Register for this Workshop?

A 2-hour interactive virtual workshop that introduces you to the Design Thinking framework and mindset and how it fits in with Agile in a fun and engaging way.


Using a simple real-world scenario, collaborative techniques, and the wisdom of crowds you will experience design thinking first hand and explore ways to integrate design thinking into your current Agile practices.

What are Participants Saying?

What can you Expect?


Looking for an energy and collaboration booster for your team? AND a powerful framework that awakens new possibilities?

Sign up as a team for an upcoming public workshop or schedule a custom session for your organization.


Looking for a simple, yet powerful technique for creative problem solving?  


Get acquainted with Design Thinking for a structure and process for creative problem solving in uncertain environments.  Learn the mindset and language for collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial thinking taking a human-centric approach.


Looking to develop your capacity for collaboration with the power skills of EmpathyCuriosity

ImaginationCreativity, and Discernment?


Future-proof yourself with these human qualities that are not easily automated and essential for the future of human work. 

What a terrific way to spend 2.5 hours - the time flew by! I learned a lot, both about how to transform DT practices to the virtual world, and also about how a real pro structures an engaging online experience that gives practical tips that can be applied immediately.

Nancy S.

Facilitator, Trainer, Author

Thank you so much for a fun and enlightening session! It was great collaborating with everyone. A lot of great takeaways to share with my teammates.

Michele P.,

Scrum Master and Agile Leader

Amazing Design Thinking workshop with Anjali Leon! If you're curious to learn more about Design Thinking and how you can integrate it with what you do day to day as an Agile Practitioner you'll benefit greatly from this workshop.  Well worth your time & very little investment since Anjali Leon has made it so affordable.

Lakshmi R.,

Agile Coach

What a great introduction to Design Thinking and Agile with Anjali Leon! Thank you so much for a fun and engaging session!

Jamie K.,

Scrum Master & Agile Enthusiast

My team absolutely LOVED it! The material and exercises provided a ton of value and it really allowed my team to start thinking in a different way to solve "The Problem". We also discussed that design thinking would be a good way to work through some action items from our retros as well. 5 starts from me, I highly suggest you do the workshop if you have the time and for the cost it's a great deal .

Greg G.

Scrum Master

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