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'Build projects around motivated individuals. 
Give them the environment and support they need, 
and trust them to get the job done.'

- Principle #5 of the Agile Manifesto

The “Doing” and “Being” of 

Effective People Leadership


One of the biggest challenges our organizations face as we adapt and embrace a new way of working better suited to navigate the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world we live in is the lack of the type of leadership that can lead, support, and sustain this evolution.  

The new landscape requires a fresh take on the traditional leadership model.  Leading for sustained agility requires leaders who inspire and motivate teams, and teams of teams to navigate with aligned autonomy towards a more purposeful future that is adaptive, innovative, and resilient.


  • Exhibit high emotional intelligence and adaptive intelligence.

  • Manage the system and environment that unleashes the full potential of their people.

  • Hone their personal agility to catalyze deep change through their own example. 

This virtual program guides each leader through a personal transformational journey from the inside out to meet the challenge and opportunity of the knowledge age and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

During this program, leaders will:

  1. Understand the role of leaders in shaping and sustaining a collaborative learning culture

  2. Deepen awareness of their EQ, personal leadership style, paradigms and mental models  

  3. Discover the optimal conditions for self - organized teams to flourish

  4. Explore the role of Servant Leadership in sustaining meaningful change 

  5. Exercise empathy to understand people’s motivations, strengths, and challenges

  6. Practice communicating for inspiration, motivation and aligned autonomy 

  7. Understand natural conflict tendencies and harness productive conflict  

  8. Learn to expand your leadership capacity as catalyst for agility and resilience 

  9. Explore strategies to enable and nurture a culture of continuous learning and improvement

  10. Maintain a guided journal of their learning

What Can You Expect?

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This program is delivered using an Agile approach.  With a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work, and small bursts of value are delivered over eight, 2-hour facilitator-led group workshops and eight,1-hour facilitator led group discussions and Q&A sessions.

Through assessments, each leader will ground themselves in deep awareness of themselves, their leadership style, and the mental models and paradigms that shape their current behaviors. Through case studies, targeted coursework, and peer activities and discussions they will learn and practice skills, approaches and techniques to expand and reinforce their leadership agility and self-confidence. Through a blend of training and coaching, the leaders will hone the behaviors, embrace the mindset, and develop the competencies to become the leaders that inspire, develop, and motivate their teams towards sustained agility and resilience.

The Program includes:

  • Two Individual Assessments on Emotional Intelligence and Behavior Styles

  • Eight, 2-hour VIRTUAL LIVE facilitator-led group Leadership Workshops

  • Eight, 1-hour VIRTUAL LIVE facilitator-led group discussions / Q&A

  • Two,1:1 personal coaching sessions with each leader

Participants should plan to invest ~ 2-3 hours between sessions on recommended reading, videos and reflection activities​.

Each leader will maintain a guided journal throughout the program.

Program Sessions

Session 1:  The Essence of Agile Leadership

  • Leadership and the shifting paradigms of the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • The mindset of an Agile Leader

  • Principles of Agile Leadership

Session 2:  Deepen Self Awareness

  • Values and Motivators

  • Emotional Intelligence: EQ 2.0

  • Natural Behavior Styles: DiSC Styles

Session 3:  Champion Meaningful Change

  • The process of change: Kubler Ross and Satir Models

  • Change Models

  • Servant Leadership and Balanced Leadership

Session 4:  Build Psychological Safety and Trust

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

  • Psychological Safety, Fear, vulnerability and Trust

  • Empathy and Leading for different styles

Session 5:  Communicate for Motivation

  • Purpose, Values and Motivators

  • Active Listening

  • Effective Feedback

Session 6:  Communicate for Aligned Autonomy

  • Ingredients for Aligned Autonomy

  • Effective Storytelling

  • Effective Delegation and Decentralized Decisions

Session 7:  Harness Constructive Conflict

  • Responses to Conflict: Thomas Kilman Model

  • Constructive and Destructive Conflict

  • Navigating towards Constructive Conflict

Session 8:  Foster a Culture of Learning & Innovation

  • Systems Thinking

  • Design Thinking & the Toyota Kata

  • Leadership Agility - From Expert to Catalyst

Successful completion will earn you

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24 PDUs


24 SEUs

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Anjali Leon

Agility Coach, Educator and Facilitator


Career Highlights:​

  • 1:1 Co-active trained Purposeful Professional Leadership Coach.

  • GC-ologist & GC Index Partner and Leadership Agility 360 Coach.

  • Educator and Master Workshop Facilitator.

  • Specializes in Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Principles & Practices.

  • Former Technology Leader - Director of Product Development, Sr. Software Engineer

  • Founder and co-leader of South Florida Women In Agile.

  • International Speaker and Community Builder.

  • Clients include:  Office Depot, Modernizing Medicine, Alpine ITW, Pearson, UVA among others.

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What Are People Saying?

It wasn’t until I was coached by Anjali that I understood the very significant impact a great coach can have on your professional career.  Not only was her coaching instrumental to the impact I had, but she also helped me enjoy each and every moment of the journey. 

James M., Product Leader

Your Agile leadership course made a big impact on me. The wisdom and insight you shared helped me become a better servant leader to my team. 

VP of Product Development

Anjali has an authentic way of showing up for people. 

The magic is in the way she listens and asks the powerful questions that had me digging deep and evoking a transformation that has set me on the path towards the best version of myself.

Michelle P., SM & Agile Leader

Is this Workshop  for You?


If you lead people, this is perfect for you.

Recommended for but not limited to:

People Managers

Coaches & Scrum Masters

Agile Leaders

HR Professionals

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