Kindness requires more than Niceness


"There are three ways to ultimate success:

The FIRST way is to be KIND.

The SECOND way is to be KIND.

The THIRD way is to be KIND."

- Fred Rogers

KINDNESS requires more from me than NICENESS.

Kindness isn’t just about restraining myself from hurting someone, it is about walking with them in their pain.

Kindness isn't just about not treating them badly, it is about treating them well.

Kindness isn't about being likable, it is about being genuinely interested in their well being.

Kindness demands from me a greater level of compassion, care, empathy and intention.

(Inspired by:

In the light of what is happening in our country right now, I am asking myself:

Who needs my kindness today?

How will I show kindness today?

How will I be kinder to myself today?

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