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My business has doubled in the time since we have adopted Agile and my organization is on an annual 25-50% growth spurt. Client satisfaction and participation is at an all time high as is employee moral. Anjali brings a unique ability to understand our business and to suggest ways to adapt in a way that benefits all. Her communication and listening skills are second to none!

Donald R. - AVP @ UVA

I highly recommend Anjali as a 1:1 Professional Leadership Coach to anyone who is ready to grow into a better version of themselves. Anjali claims she will help you “shine the light on your blind spots and hold you accountable as you navigate your sore spots” and I can attest to that!


Over the past year, Anjali has become a partner and trusted coach for myself and my team. We highly value her efforts and partnership here at Alpine. I strongly recommend Anjali to any organization looking for a partner, coach, or mentor through any stage of the Agile journey, from the very beginning to application of advanced concepts.


Rick T., Director @ AlpineITW

Michele P. - Srcum Master & Coach

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