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Summer Interns

Natalia Arroyo.jpg

Natalia Arroyo

Sophomore in Business Admin & Computer Science,

Agilist in Training

  • LinkedIn

    I am a sophomore at Oglethorpe University where I study business administration with a computer science minor. I enjoy playing music and sports, as well as relaxing evenings of reading.

    I cannot express how thrilled I am to begin my journey working and interning with Anjali. I'm delighted to follow Anjali's guidance and impart my expertise to others as I go.

    Caleb Fernandes.jpg

    Caleb Fernandes

    High School Senior, Musician,

    Agilist in Training

    • LinkedIn

    I am a high school senior from Henderson High School, West Chester, PA. A highly skilled musician, I play saxophone, piano, and electric guitar and enjoy lifting weights and partaking in extreme sports such as surfing and snowboarding. My passion is in finance and investing and hope to someday have my own company and have the financial freedom to travel the world.

    Through this internship, I hope to strengthen my knowledge of social media marketing and using customer feedback to maximize impact. I plan to apply my skills and interest in computer graphics and advertising in this pursuit. 

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