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Realize your

unique vision 

with an inspired, agile, and resilient culture.

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Join us for a relaxing evening on the beach with Lyssa Adkins, Agile Coach, renowned author of Coaching Agile Teams and co-leader of #TENWOMENSTRONG.


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World-class speakers, engaging workshops, new and strengthened connections and a unique blend of all flavors of Agile - all offered by the best agile minds in the world - and some are names you recognize and love from right here in South Florida.

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What is Resilience NAVIGATOR

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Anjali León

Anticipating Customer Emotions...

...Can Be a Winning Strategy! Buying decisions and product recommendations are often deeply rooted in emotion ...



Anjali León

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Realize your

unique vision 

with an inspired, agile, and resilient culture.

Realize your

unique vision 

with an inspired, agile, and resilient culture.

Deceptively simple on the surface, developing the right mindset and making the Agile processes and practices fit your culture and organization is no easy task.


The process of transforming your organization and your teams greatly benefits from the coaching and mentoring of an experienced Agile coach.


I work shoulder-to-shoulder with teams and individuals at all levels of your organization to teach, guide, inspect, and adapt the right processes and ensure they add value to your specific initiatives and unique organizational culture.

Whether it is learning about Agile frameworks and practices, tools and techniques for creative collaboration, modeling projects for value delivery, or learning how to effectively lead organizations and teams for greater agility and resilience; PPL’s learning-by-doing training and workshops provide a rich learning experience.




From starting up a new team to launching or innovating a product or service or jump starting a brand new project, PPL custom workshops can be structured specifically for your teams and for your context.

Expert neutral facilitators can greatly enhance the energy, tone, and  outcome of meetings, ceremonies, brainstorming session, or any other purposeful gatherings.


A facilitator is the catalyst that can create the right structure and environment to engage all participants and make your meetings and ceremonies flow with ease.


PPL offers trained and skilled facilitators and practicing Agilists who will ensure that you leave your meeting with a clear action plan and an energized and engaged team that is aligned, informed, connected, and ready to execute!

Are you ready to create an organization with an inspired, agile, and resilient culture that thrives in today’s increasingly complex, competitive, and rapidly changing world?


Do you need seasoned expertise that can help you navigate the obstacles and realize your unique vision through lean, agile, resilient ways of enriching your work and engaging your people?


PPL specializes in using Lean and Agile principles and practices that ignite curiosity, create connection, and facilitate creative collaboration to engage organizations in creating value for all their stakeholders with a win-6 attitude. PPL uses a unique and comprehensive framework—the PPL Agility and Resilience Navigator—to help individuals and organizations thrive by understanding and learning how to navigate the powerful cultural shifts occurring in business and society today.


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PPL Agility and resilience navigator


A framework for understanding and communicating THE cultural SHIFTS THAT ARE DRIVING today's thriving 0rganizations