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Resources for Learning to Work Remotely

Suddenly find yourself working remotely and unsure on how to navigate the new reality?  

Bookmark this living document of curated resources...

Working Remotely:

5 Tips for Staying Productive While Remote

- Anjali Leon & Stephanie Allen

5 Tips for Staying Connected While Remote

- Anjali Leon & Stephanie Allen

Chat Discussion Q&A from Remote Work Panel

- Panelists and Participants of Remote Work Panel - March 19, 2020

Remote Resources during Corona Virus

- Lisette Sutherland

Preparing to work from home

- Gil Broza

Remote working in response to Corona Virus

- Daniel Meyer


3 Tips from a Company Successfully Working Remotely For A Decade

- Robert Glazer

Distributed Work Playbook

(Thanks Jeremy Hanson, Michigan, USA)

 [NEW] What NOT to do when Switching to Remote Work

- Github

 [NEW] Reconsidering 9-5 for virtual work

-Lithespeed blog

Remote Work Assessment:

Agility Health Radar for Remote Work

- Agility Health

Working from Home with Kids:

A guide to working from from Home with Kids

- Avni Patel Thompson, Harvard Business Review


Facilitating Remote Meetings:

Remote Facilitation

- Dana Pylayeva; Kirti Jaising


When Meeting F2F is no longer an option  

- Nancy Settle-Murphy

Staying Connected:

Tool that randomly connects people from a group to schedule a virtual coffee: 

(Thanks Arwen from Rome, Italy)

Creating Authentic Human Connections with a Remote Team

- Randy Tolentino

(Thanks Jeremy Hanson, Michigan, USA)


Maintaining a sense of humor:

✔ Lighten up! David Grady -The Conference Call: 

(Thank you Jamie Kriegel, Pella, Iowa)

Remote Work Thought Leaders:

Judy Rees:  Transforming Distributed Team Communication

Lisette Sutherland:  Collaboration SuperPowers

Mark Kilby:  Helping Distributed Organizations and Teams Work Together More Effectively

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