Applying an Agile Mindset


A perennial hot topic of discussion—especially within Agile coaching circles—is the emphasis on ‘being agile’ or developing an ‘Agile Mindset’ as opposed to ‘doing Agile.’ It featured prominently in many of the formal talks and casual discussions at Agile2015—the annual conference sponsored by the Agile Alliance.


Many teams adopting Agile get wrapped in the mechanics of a chosen Agile Methodology—hoping that this set of practices is the holy grail that will somehow make them deliver faster and cheaper and solve all their problems in one fell swoop. What they often miss is this:


What truly breeds success is delivering an outcome that will not only provide a great return on investment for shareholders, but also delight customers and users by making their lives easier while enabling fellow team members to sustainably engage in delivering creative, innovative, customer and user focused solutions.


Though it’s true that many other methodologies offer great frameworks and practices that help achieve this desire goal, successful Agile teams are made up of individuals that have attained a fundamental shift in thinking about how they approach work.


Gil Broza, in his book The Agile Mindset, lays out in very clear, crisp, and compelling language what this ‘agile mindset’ really means as applied to our work on Agile teams. He explains how to apply this thinking to:


  • Deciding What to Work on

  • Planning the Work

  • Engaging People

  • Performing as a Team

  • Doing the Work

  • Getting Better at Work


The Agile Mindset is a worthwhile read for its great insights and takeaways.


Reference:  The Agile Mindset, Gil Broza
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